Seed-at-Zero (debut album)

The self-titled debut album, Seed-at-Zero (Triple Pop, 2011), from Whitney Mower was made with the help of her closest friends in Salt Lake City and Provo, Utah. The songs are dedicated to her mother Kathryn Jordan, an extraordinary dancer and singer, who died in 2009.

The six track album features “This Thing” narrates the astronaut’s plight, what you might call a parodic aria of ”Rocket Man.” “In a Steam” is a story of love in the apocalypse. “Deianeira” (one of Hercules’s many women) is a song Whitney wrote specifically for her mother, about the ways women are conditioned to spend their lives pining for men, keep their suffering and their minds hidden; Kathryn’s actual voice, found recorded on an old tape, is featured on ”Deianeira.” ”I Was Born Here,” the last track, is a kind of autobiography.

  1. This Thing
  2. In a Steam
  3. How Your Mouth
  4. Deanieira (for my other)
  5. Heavy Wind
  6. I Was Born Here
  7. It Ain’t Me Babe (Bob Dylan cover) [iTunes Digital Exclusive]
  8. How Your Mouth (Original Demo) [iTunes Digital Exclusive]

Release Date: July 16, 2010