AGK #12 now on iTunes

Yes, we keep cranking them out.  Acoustic Guitar Karaoke Volume #12 is NOW on iTunes.

Featuring ten (10) tracks, AGK #12 is a great way to end the summer – we’ve got all the current hits from Colbie Caillat, Hannah Montana, Jonas Bros. and Demi Lovato, along with a few tribute tracks to Michael Jackson – Kris says they’re some of his best songs yet.

AGK #12

  • Fallin’ For You (Colbie Caillat)
  • He Could Be the One (Hannah Montana)
  • Paranoid (Jonas Brothers)
  • Before The Storm (Jonas Brothers w/Miley)
  • Here We Go Again (Demi Lovato)
  • Tim McGraw (Taylor Swift)
  • I’m Only Me When I’m With You (Taylor Swift)
  • Billie Jean (Michael Jackson)
  • Man in The Mirror (Michael Jackson)

AGK #11 (Ringtone Edition) now on iTunes

AGK #11 Ringtone Edition

AGK #11 (RINGTONE EDITION) – Kris Farrow recently completed AGK Vol. #11 (Ringtone Edition) and it’s available NOW on iTunes. Instead of pop songs as on prior AGK albums, we thought we should shake things up for summertime and produce an album full of very cool “ringtones” for your phone.

AGK #11 features movie/TV themes from The Pink Panther, Rocky, Halloween, Mission Impossible, Sex and The City, The Godfather, Hawaii Five-O, Raiders of the Lost Ark, James Bond 007 and The Office just to name a few.

Full album downloads feature a FREE bonus track of “Pirates of the Caribbean” exclusively on iTunes – along with a PDF booklet, finally! A total of 22 tracks for only $7.99. It’s awesome, don’t miss out!

AGK Ringtone Edition coming soon…

Kris and Triple Pop are currently working on a very special Acoustic Guitar Karaoke (AGK) album volume…  Instead of popular songs as on prior AGK albums, we thought we should shake things up for summertime and produce an album full of very cool “ringtones” for your phone!

We’re focusing on movie and television themes such as Pink Panther, Halloween, Mission Impossible and The Office just to name a few…AGK #11 (Ringtone Edition) is going to be jam packed with all these very cool ringtones for your phone, all done up in Kris’ inimitable acoustic guitar style.

Acoustic Guitar Karaoke, Vol. #10 coming in July

Just like lighting, Kris Farrow has just completed work on AGK #10.  Wow!  It’s now been just about one year since AGK #1 was released back in May 2008 and we’re so glad to have found so many receptive and encouraging fans loving the music and using Kris’ AGK songs for their YouTube videos, wedding ceremonies and other events.

We had modest ambitions when starting this project and had no idea the AGK would find such an exciting audience out there in the big world.  We strive to pick the best songs while Kris spends much time making sure each track is note perfect.

Triple Pop is also working on developing an Acoustic Guitar Karaoke application (app) for the iPhone…cool!  As an AGK fan, do you have an iPhone?  Would this karaoke app be something you would be interested in purchasing if we made it available? What songs and features/options would you like to see?  Please email us your thoughts at – thanks!

Without further blah blah, here is the track listing for AGK #10 coming to iTunes in early July!

  1. Soulmate  (Acoustic Guitar in The Style of Natasha Bedingfeld)
  2. Waking Up in Vegas (Acoustic Guitar in The Style of Katy Perry)
  3. Hands (Acoustic Guitar in The Style of Jewel)
  4. If Today Was Your Last Day (Acoustic Guitar in The Style of Nickelback)
  5. Broken Strings (Acoustic Guitar in The Style of James Morrison)
  6. I Run To You  (Acoustic Guitar in The Style of Lady Antabellum)
  7. Halo  (Acoustic Guitar in The Style of Beyonce)
  8. I Told You So  (Acoustic Guitar in The Style of Carrie Underwood)
  9. Just Dance (Acoustic Guitar in The Style of Lady Gaga)
  10. 1 2 3 4  (Acoustic Guitar in The Style of Plain White Ts)


“Hip Hop Un-Popped” from Bryce Larsen coming June 14…

Triple Pop has started up a new album series tentatively entitled “Hip Hop Un-Popped” in conjunction with musician Bryce Larsen.

The ten-track album features Bryce’s unique acoustic guitar versions of popular R&B/hip-hop songs such as Disturbia (Rihanna), Green Light (John Legend), Crack a Bottle (Eminem), Heartless (Kanye West), Ignition (R. Kelly), Right Round (Flo Rida) and Whatever You Like (T.I) just to name a few.

Hip Hop Un-Popped will be released on June 14, 2009 on iTunes, and awhile later on Amazon Mp3 and Emusic.