While recently updating the Triple Pop website and artist pages, we came across a 1977 live concert of the The Ramones, when they were at the height of their punk rock power. Joey, Johnny and Dee Dee are amazing, it’s electric, man.

See it here on YouTube or watch below.

Sid Vicious painting

Dee Dee Ramone was also a prolific painter, often collaborating with artist Paul Kostabi.

Here is a never before seen image of Dee Dee’s only painting of Sid Vicious, the bass player for The Sex Pistols.  This painting has only been seen by a handful of people since Dee Dee painted it for me back in 2000, so consider yourself lucky.

Dee Dee sure had some great stories about Mr. Vicious, whose life story was dramatized by Alex Cox in the feature film, Sid and Nancy (1986). For some reason, in the mid-eighties, the exploits of The Sex Pistols, along with Sid Vicious, were popular stories among the punk rock kids.

So when I got to work with Dee Dee, I asked him about meeting Sid and Nancy one night at dinner.  Dee Dee, who was also a nice guy, sat down and custom painted this work for me the next morning.

Dee Dee’s last album of recordings, “Greatest and Latest” (2000), originally produced for the Conspiracy Music label, has since became part of Triple Pop.