Chris Blackwell (Island Records) in Jamaica

Chris Blackwell

Chris Blackwell

On a recent trip to Jamaica, I got the rare opportunity to meet the elusive and iconic founder of Island RecordsChris Blackwell.

Mr. Blackwell is responsible for discovering U2 and Bob Marley and bringing reggae music to the world, among so many other things.

He said he only worked with musicians “who had something to say” and he always thought “long term” even though most in business only think short term.

He also owns the Goldeneye Resort (Ian Fleming/James Bond) and makes a tasty rum, Blackwell Rum.

Can TV/Film Music Placement Help Save the Industry?

Music SupervisionWe’ve hearing about it for awhile now:  synch placements are helping revitalize the business by offering massive exposure (and income) to new artists.  TRIPLE POP has had some success in recent years with placements on NBC, MTV, and Fox.  It takes work, competition is difficult.

But when you get lucky, the opportunities are wonderful for new music exposure, opening up many doors for new artists.  Ten years ago, synch placements barely ever got any notice, few cared.

But with the advent of social media and TV/cable expansion of new shows, the synch industry has exploded in recent years, some musicians are making considerable income solely from this niche.

You can read the article here in ROLLING STONE featuring music supervisor, Chris Mollere.

Apple’s iTunes accounts for whopping 75% of global digital music market … stunning

iTunes GraphAccording to Apple Insider, Apple’s iTunes store accounts for 75% of the global digital music market.  The number is big, very big.

According to the report, the average iTunes user spends about $12 per year on music and with 575 million active users, Apple’s annual revenue hits $6.9 billion.

That suggests Apple’s $6.9 billion account for about 75 percent of the $9.3 billion global digital music market. The remaining slice of the pie is divvied up to streaming music services like Pandora and retailers like Amazon – not much else to go around, thus everyone’s focus is on iTunes.

This is another reason why we here at Triple Pop are not too excited about radio streaming and subscription based music distribution services for the industry – so little revenue for the industry.  Less revenue = less money for musicians.  Period.