Whitney Elixabeth

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Whitney Elixabeth is the alter-ego of a multi-talented singer/songwriter who prefers to remain anonymous.

Ms. Elixabeth presently roams the steamy recesses of the American landscape, guitar and banjo crisscrossing her shoulders, harmonica clasped betwixt her razor teeth, visions of mythology forever in her thoughts, spooling unceasingly like film in a derelict drive-in projector.  Whether blossoms or pestilence grows in her footsteps is unconfirmed.

Ms. Elixabeth’s stripped down acoustic version of Hannah Montana’s “If We Were a Movie” was the first single Triple Pop released on March 17, 2007.


Stars of Montana – Various Artists

Released: August 1, 2008

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Acoustic Tribute to Hannah Montana – Whitney Elixabeth

Released: March 17, 2007

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