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Kris Farrow pursued music academically at both the legendary Berklee College of Music and the Crane School of Music. Armed with a degree in saxophone, Kris soon hit the streets of New York City playing in jazz clubs just like the greats before him.  His own music quickly revealed that his influences stretched far beyond jazz. Ranging from John Coltrane to Jeff Buckley, Elvin Jones to Sunny Day Real Estate, and from country to the avant-garde, Kris’s style is difficult to pin down.

In 2007, Kris moved to Austin, Texas and quickly became a sought after guitar player — he joined the alt-country band MICKY AND THE MOTORCARS as lead guitar player and spent many years on the road.  In 2012, Kris toured as lead guitar in THE ZANE WILLIAMS band, who released their latest album “Overnight Success” (2013).  Kris is currently on tour with the JOSH GRIDER BAND.

In 2008, Kris also began working with Triple Pop on his now very popular “Acoustic Guitar Karaoke” (AGK) series of albums. In this album series, he utilizes his unique approach to guitar playing and arranging to provide singers with acoustic guitar only versions of popular songs.

As of 2017, Acoustic Guitar Karaoke has expanded into over thirty (30) album volumes (350+ songs) and is one of the most popular album series on iTunes.

Kris’ songs have become a popular choice to use at weddings and for solo singers on YouTube, where Kris regularly posts instructional guitar videos.


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