Triple Pop

Back in 2007, the entire recorded music industry was in turmoil.  The digital revolution had arrived.

Traditional bricks-and-mortar retailers were fast going out of business.  Consumers were now in control.

So, of course, it sounded like a great time to start a new kind of record label.

With only a distribution contract with Apple Computer, Inc. for the new iTunes delivery platform, Triple Pop was started with just $300 dollars in a spare bedroom.

As a digital only record label, Triple Pop also focused on SEO marketing and the new social media platforms, such as YouTube, to discover and promote new talent.

The first Triple Pop single, Whitney Elixabeth’s “If We Were a Movie” was released in March of 2007 and it quickly sold thousands of downloads.

Triple Pop followed up with other releases by artists such as Erica Lane, Bryce Larsen, Ernie Halter, Donald Gould and Kris Farrow’s Acoustic Guitar Karaoke album series.  Triple Pop was the first record label to discover and record GRAMMY award winner, Kacey Musgraves.

As of 2018, Triple Pop has sold over a half-a-million (500,000+) digital downloads and streamed 50+million songs worldwide.

Triple Pop has evolved and expanded into A&R development, publishing, synch licensing and distributes worldwide on all major music retail platforms.